Sunday, May 29, 2016

wet floors

Late last night we got a phone call from the kids that the neighbors on the other side of their duplex flooded both of their basements. We headed over to help figure out the situation and to deliver a shop vac for clean up.   

C Boy worried (& pissed) about his neighbor who was not responding to phone calls and door knocks called in a wealth-fair check with the local police. They showed up the same time we did. 

Between dealing with the strange but friendly neighbor lady who forgot to turn off her tub water and then left the house (wtf?!) and all that water it was a little crazy. But because the lady turned out to be "okay" the police wrapped up their visit by telling me that I had a good boy. He is a good boy. 

Poor Lexi was very upset. Her whole basement (which is both bedrooms!) had to be upturned. Several new pieces of clothing her grandmother had just gotten for her look to be ruined. FYI bathwater filtering through a basement wall let's just say it's not drinking water anymore. Not to mention all the added work of the clean-up, mopping, drying, more mopping, more drying, laundry, etc.

And what about the baby? 
All she cared about was that Aunt Beach was there to play with.


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