Sunday, May 29, 2016

a bird in the hand... well, actually that's illegal

Let me back up late last night right before we were called over to help the kids with their spontaneous indoor swimming pool. Agent Q was off on a secret mission in the backfield when she spotted the cat playing with a baby robin.
She rescued it and brought inside with the cat hot on her heels. BC and I both agreed she should "let it go", "keep it". Wait, what did BC say, she should keep it?!?! 

Okay, he just means for the night then release it "tomorrow", "later this week"
....why is this happening? 

BC says she should keep it, at least for a little while to give it a better chance.
I looked it up it's illegal to keep a wild bird.  But really what I was supposed to be looking up was what the best thing to do is and how to care for a baby robin. Turns out the internet agrees with BC; trying to put a baby bird back is usually not successful.

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