Sunday, May 22, 2016

kids at play

 Beach was invited to a birthday party at the gym. Okay, that's happened before but what made this party different was it was a boy's birthday party. Gavin, he's a kid in coach Dan's circle of friends who Beach "met" while he was taking air awareness. 
So Happy Birthday, Gavin!
He (& his dad) were the boys who crashed Beach's party at the gym back in October.
 The big kids are the 2 to look out for when playing Hot Lava.
 At first, Beach was nervous about going to an 
all boy party but as it turns there were 3 other girls there. 
Plus Beach had Dan to look out for her....
All the kids frantically fleeing from Dan.
Beach and the Birthday boy just hanging out waiting for the next round to start.
 Dan and Beach locked in a power struggle. 
He thought she wasn't being mean enough.
Turns out she really is coachable.
G's family, Thanks for the great night!

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