Monday, May 30, 2016

the look says it all

The gym is closed next week. Don't worry Beach still has practice but I have one whole week off from work. Since Friday, I have been working in the yard mostly on weed detail. 

It's been great to get so much done and not be worried about watching the clock... but that came to a screeching halt late this afternoon when I smashed my little finger between my shove and a fence post. Perhaps screeching is an overstatement, right after it happened I was afraid of what my finger looked like under my glove so I finished what I was doing before checking it out.  AND I really did think it would just stop hurting if I ignored it.  Needless to say, it didn't stop, in fact, it got worse. 

It burns and throbs and the only thing that makes it feel even slightly better is this high tech double ice pack, ice water bath. 

BC's has never been great at taking photos but this one really nailed the moment of acceptance. "Well fuck it". There's no workman's comp but there are cold PBR's in the fridge. 

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