Friday, June 24, 2016

...go jump in a lake

 To mark the end of what has become known as the extended sleep-over, three weeks with Little Sarah staying with us on the farm, we decided to send her off in style with a trip to the lake.

 We had several of the usual suspects plus my 2 favorite trophy dads.

Of course, there was food, lots of food. Seems like my summer so far has consisted of preparing food, buying food, packing food, finding food, dividing food, serving food, and cleaning up food. However, this time, I wasn't the one in charge because the dads took over. 

The other thing the dads took care of was transportation both in and out of the water.  

My car isn't running well and I keep taking it to the shop. They keep returning it to BC saying there isn't anything broken enough to fix without throwing a ton of money at a few wild guesses.... but after BC drove it to the lake and back he decided that throwing a ton of money at it was a fantastic idea.

So I am car-less but that's okay because I would way rather stay home for a few days to put my life and my house back together.  The wonderful moms at the gym are helping me get the Little Giants to and from practice today.  Lindsey, my front deskmate & Little G's mom, picked the girls up on her way to work this morning. Thanks a million, Lindsey! I'm sure someone will return them....

Thanks for hanging out with us for the last 3 weeks Sarah-Bear! 

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