Sunday, June 5, 2016

let the sun shine in

Life this week has been a bit crazy around these parts. 
There are a lot of changes going on.  
Fisher, BC's son, graduated from High School on Friday 
which has meant lots of extra people and parties around. 
He is also packing up and heading off for the summer to a job in Idaho at an upscale lodge where he and a friend will live and work.  His plan is to come back to Utah in the fall, maybe go to school but whatever he chooses he wants to try to live out on his own.
That means Beach is once again an "only" child.  
BUT not for too long. We will be putting up another gymnast for a few weeks. One of Boo's teammates who needs a place to stay while her family relocates from one side of the valley to the other.  And of course, she always has Sophie, who really is more like a sister than a friend.
 Summer gym schedule begins on Monday and I go back to work after having a long fabulous week off. I was able to check a lot of stuff off the master to do list and to put in few extra miles on the trail before it gets too hot.
I do believe we are ready for summer <3 

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