Sunday, October 25, 2015

fun out with weekend dad

Yeah, I'm a little grumpy and I don't think it has anything to do with my bowling score or my sore knee (which bowling didn't help much).
It might be the whole instant family moving through the weekend like we are speed dating each other. It rubs me the wrong way. And I know I should be grateful for the time BC spends at home but at this point I'm really not. 
There is a lot of stepping on each other's toes and a lot of general confusion about how the house & kids run these days. 
A 10 minute discussion on the appropriate place to park a car when the driveway is occupied sort of makes me want to run from hills. 
But he really is cute. 
We fixed dinner together, turkey meatballs & vegetable pasta, no one was stabbed. Kitchens really are the most dangerous room in the house. 
I know he is trying to balance 2 world at once. Living on a job site for over a year must make home seem like a foreign country. The first night he was here I jumped into bed on his old side where I have been sleeping for over 6 months. Then I remembered he needed to sleep somewhere so I moved to the middle... 
He heads back to Moab in a few hours. The plan is for him to stay there until the house is done. Rumor sets that date about Nov 5.
He has jobs lined up here in SLC waiting for him.
We have Beach's gymnastics meet season with all the travel, stress, & fun hanging over the horizon.
All I know for sure is I'm done. 
But done at what, that I don't know.

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