Thursday, February 23, 2017

just set it down the dream she was driving.  Where we were going I didn't want to go.  I woke in a startled gasp, the oncoming traffic exploding into the quiet of my darkened bedroom. the dream I was scrambling to collect our things from under a folding chair.  Where I was headed I wasn't quite sure.  I woke with a sense of dread under the quiet of my down comforter. the dream we walked together.  Where we paused I recognized.  I woke blinking in the pink light as it licked the tops of naked winter trees.

But that was days ago.

Scenes set in the cradle of a fever.

Last night the snow whispered all night long.

I woke from sleep that begged to find a dream to fall in. But there were no dreams to be found.  I woke heart broken.  I woke feeling like I would never be hungry again.  I crawled out of bed only to count the minutes until I could find my running shoes and slip off into my own silence.

The trouble isn't in feeling lost, it's in feeling too found.

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