Tuesday, February 7, 2017

rest stop (the day before the meet)

I crept out of bed and out of the hotel room in search of coffee. Behind me I left them sleeping.  Beach and Sophie in one bed.  Colby in the other.  I walked the morning alone.  Savoring the coldness of the last piece of it I would find for days. 

 Can't we just stay here? 

Saratoga Hot Springs Resort, Wyoming. 
A good half way point between Salt Lake and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

 Can't we let them rest a little longer? 

Out of the fight, out of the gym, out of the building stress of the season?

 Keep them forever young?
No, of course not.
But we can keep them here a longer if we stretch the morning out over a breakfast table, a tall stack of pancakes, and 2 sides of crispy bacon. 

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