Monday, February 6, 2017

one job

I had one job: get them there safely.
Out of Utah, across Wyoming, and into Colorado.
Safe. Fed. Watered. And warm.

She had one job: stay on the beam and complete her upgraded series.

So it's okay that she fell on floor. Fell on her first attempt at vault (landed a 9.4 on the second try), and fell on her double dismount on bars.  All she needed to do was prove to herself (and big coach D) that she could land a flick-lay in competition.

Final rotation beam.
The last 2 to compete for their team, Sophie followed by Beach.

One job.

Sophie slipped off in her series. Hit her face on the beam on the way down.  Bleeding and dazed she remounted the beam, against her coaches wishes, finished her routine. Finished, saluted, and ran for the bathroom. One hand catching as much of the blood as she could. The other out front navigating her way through the crowd.

Beach stood on deck for about 5 minutes watching her coaches wipe her best friend's blood of the beam and the mats.

When the judges finally saluted she saluted back and mounted the beam...

She had one job to do and she was going to do it.

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