Saturday, May 28, 2016

night of her life, Cinders Concert

One the coaches at the gym, Montana Smith is a rock star. Well actually, all of the coaches at our gym are rock stars but Montana is in a band called CINDERS. (They are on FB too)

You've probably seen him before but I don't think I have introduced him. He is the guy in charge of saving Beach's life on bars. Well, at least that is his job according to me.

 Montana & Dan at Beach's 12th Birthday Party 1980's Dance Party
Montana and Beach at Lady Luck 2016

Last night he and his band hosted a release party last for their first CD which you can and should purchase. The show was a little late for my blood but a few of the other gym moms loaded up first their kitchens to feed the girls & then their cars to drive them.

It was Beach's first concert. 

My first real experience waiting up for her (much later than a Ute's Meet).

Beach says it was the best night!
She loved the music, the friends, & the rib dinner she got before the show. 

Thanks for taking such good care of her, T! 
Thank you, CINDERS for the wonderful music!
And thanks again, Montana for that great save on bars the other day....

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