Saturday, December 19, 2015

look what winter cleaning turned up...

The other day we cleaned out the craft dresser.  And the craft box.  And the other craft box.  And the shelf..... craft supplies around here seem to migrate.  Every six months they need to be rounded up and put back in one central location: the craft dresser in the hallway outside Beach's room.  
Deep in one of the satellite boxes, we found a stash of what must be last years art. 
Recently we were picking Beach up from a teammates house after a birthday party, they had a whole wall of childrens' art.  It was simple & yet gorgeous.  
So I was super excited to find these.  
Especially the Aliens Abducting Cows one.
We have a small art display now that hangs like a clothesline from the hall into the front room.  It is super cute but it is defiantly time for an update.  

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