Thursday, December 10, 2015

the 10th day of Holiday Doing bird feeder ornaments

Hanging edible ornaments in the trees for the wild birds is a family tradition.  Our giant sunflower garden brings a beautiful flock of finches into the yard.  If we feed them well they will stay through the winter. 
This year we made our bird feeder ornaments from Triscuits.   
Using a toothpick, we carefully tapped a small hole in one corner of the crackers to thread the string through.
We started with peanut butter as our base adhesive, but Beach thought cream cheese would be nicer.  
Toppings: peanut butter, cream cheese, mixed dried berries, wild bird seed mix, and dried coconut. 
 That kid loves getting messy!
Pixel convinced Beach to make him one too.
Ready for the birds.
 My favorite little cedar tree is the perfect place to hang them.
Happy Winter, Little Birds! 

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