Friday, December 18, 2015


The Friday before "holiday break" means Intrasquad time! Beach skipped her usual morning coaching gig to stay home and prepare.
She is looking stronger and stronger. Level 8 is a BIG level! I am so proud of her & her incredible work ethic. I am proud of the whole team. We have great girls <3 Lots of beautiful routines happening!!!
And lots of watching.... us working moms were multitasking. 
I love this, one the mates flipping her vault for Judge Heather with the team lined up cheering her on.
 Little Beach finding breathing room and a quick snack between events. How did she do? I don't have scores, but she more than hit all of her skills on ever event despite popping off one time on beam. I love, love, love her new floor routine! She has so much fun competing it & it really shows. That new vault is a blast to watch, her bars are looking so pretty, and on beam she finally gets to show off that amazing standing back tuck! Gym life is moving pretty fast!
The last of the pre-season meets done!!!
Nice work Little Giants. Now it is on to Season 2016!

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