Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas tree time

Christmas tree time!  Back to Robinson's Tree lot to find our perfect little tree. 

We were all looking (BC mostly at the price tags!) but it was clear that it was Beach who was on a tree finding mission. She found it in the Charlie Brown section under a bunch of cast offs. It was really sweet, one of the tree guys could see that she was hunting perfection but that her papa wasn't willing to pay for it. So the guy jumped right in beside her in the pile picking up trees and holding them up for her to see.  He was so wonderful! 
He even asked her if she needed help getting it back to the car. Nope she's got this! 
And she had the perfect tree spot picked out but the tree was a little bit smaller than she planned- easy fix! 
Trimming the tree, roast beef dinner with the fixings & a giant mixed-greens salad picked straight out of the greenhouse, toffee bars for dessert, and NPR.
A little bit of cat correction.... good luck wih that one! 
Is it just me of does that cat resemble the Grinch?!
Cross, family moive night (friday), decorating the house (Saturday), & picking out a Christmas tree (Sunday), off the Doing List.
*Come on,  you all know it by it now: Where is Jesus? Moses ate Jesus. Bad dog!

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