Saturday, July 16, 2016

wild ginger

Baby J and her parents stopped by to say hello Friday night.

 She was actually happier to see me than this pics seems to make it. She reached way out for me and gave me the biggest hug a little person can give.  We were supposed to get to see them the night before but I had to cancel because I was too worn out to pull it off :c

 Right as they arrived Beach and Sophie were finishing making a batch of No Bake Cookies for a teammate who had to have surgery on her hand. So we took scoops of gooey chocolate and oats outside and taught baby J to play Corn Hole. She's a natural.

She's also a tough competitor! Who likes the sounds of big trucks driving by! The farm families on our street were working hard last night. Including BC who was putting a second axial on one of his trailers.

And Baby J claps for herself. Occasionally she did take off running in the middle of a game yelling, "Kitty!" But she always came back.

 After Baby J left the girls and I delivered the cookies, 
or what was left of them to their mates house. <3  

I'd call it a perfect Friday night.

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