Sunday, July 17, 2016

family pizza night on the farm

We bought the house on 10th West for the land. The house itself is pretty sad. White paint fading to grey bricks. A limp roof atop sagging gutters.  Inside has many of the same problems. BC is like a racoon.  He tears things out if they are in his way. He makes holes in walls simply to investigate. And he often drags stuff inside that probably should have been left outside right where he found it.
 All that is the reason I quit, or at least tried to quit hosting parties on the farm. I grew tired of trying to explain: We came for the land the house just followed....and I suspect BC was some sort of raccoon-like animal in a former life.
But like a little house in a children's book, once you put people in it none that seems to matter anymore. The flaws fade into the background and the rooms fill up with happiness. 
Of course, sake helps.
 Amazingly good homemade jalapeno bacon pizza helps too.  It was also incredibly nice to have Alexis and her little dog, Mops, over.  Everyone loves Alexis <3 She is a one woman party all on her own!  
After pizza, there was watermelon and a few rounds of Corn Hole out in the yard. A small break off group debating gun control.  Then it was  bedtime for the boys.
Another fine family night on the farm.

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