Saturday, July 30, 2016

all the colors and they're off!

On Friday we dropped the Little Giants off at the SLC International Airport. 
They are off to Region One Gym Camp in Southern Cal. for the weekend.
Beach and Sophie hadn't seen each other all week. Sophie has been away at a sleep-over camp at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. They were super excited to be together again. 
Of course, some drop-offs are easier than others. The older teammates get dropped at the curb but some of the younger ones (by age or by heart) their parents tend to linger.
Eventually, excitement wins over trepidation.  
Then there is the business-end of flying off to camp lead by our amazing owner & coaches. 
 Photos they sent from the plane <3 


  1. So exciting!!! Beach is an amazing young woman. She has grown so much since I met her. I couldn't believe what a young lady she was when I saw her. She and Chelsea aren't little girls anymore. Makes my heart hurt - just a little bit. <3