Saturday, July 30, 2016

sort of date night...

...well I mean there were drinks and kissing.
And we were alone at the lake but it was more for Moses, 
the old dog who we believe is doing some of his "lasts" in life.  
As for the other old dog BC, he had already blown his chance for a night of romace by suggesting that while Beach is away at gym camp we go to dinner at his mom's house. 
A suggestion that was met with "are you kidding me?" Followed by a brief lesson of our dating history over the last year: 2 dates attempted, I completed.
 ...So after a nice movie and a dinner at home we took the dogs to the lake for a sunset dip. FYI it was a little chilly up there in the mountain in the shadows!
Like I said sort of date night, lots of laughing at ourselves, and a beautiful sunset.

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