Saturday, July 2, 2016

Venture Out

Over the summer months GTC sets up a booth and runs a few demonstrations at the local Venture Out Outdoor Festival and Movie in the Park. These events are so much fun! It's nice for the girls and their families to get to run around together outside the gym.  All the fun of a travel meet without any of the stress :) 

Between performance sets the girls explored. At on point the GTC gymnasts swamped the art booth. In 2 totally separate amazing moments Sophie smiled for a photo and Martina, the kid with a double layout dismount on set frowned telling me, "This is hard." 
Family life on the sidelines including a baby duck that Mrs. T found.
Another thing to love about our coaches, they can be life coaches and big brothers all rolled into one. 
That would be coach Dan overseeing social media use- Are you talking to a boy? Show me your phone. 
Beautiful night out with the GTC Family!

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